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Thanks to Nancy W, from Milton, NH (wife of Babe, a recent MM journey recipient), Motivating Miles made the newspaper! Nancy recently reached out and shared she and Babe’s MM “journey” experience with Foster’s Newspaper (of the Rochester Times). Many thanks to Nancy for her continued support of Motivating Miles, and for continuously paying for it forward!

Read the article here:


MM’s Newest Journey Recipient, Elaine!



21 year old, Elaine, from Rochester, NH, was diagnosed at age 17 with metastic Ewing Sarcoma. Elaine received intensive chemotherapy and radiation therapy as her primary treatment for many months, and the cancer went into remission. Unforuntately, in June of 2011, Elaine experienced a relapse. Her cancer is now characterized by doctors as recurrent, refractory, metastic Ewing Sarcoma. In December, 2011, Elaine, her family, and her medical team decided that the potential benefits of further chemotherapy were outweighed by the risks and horrific side effects. As of April, 2012, Elaine’s medical team has set primary treatment goals of relieving Elaine’s symptoms and maximizing her quality of life. That’s where MM comes in!


In early April of 2012, Elaine’s social worker, Sigrid, contacted Motivating Miles, and made the introduction. MM staff was fortunate to be able to visit Elaine and her family in Rochester, NH, as discuss the possibility of an MM Journey! Elaine’s strong interest in quality family time became evident when she proclaimed, “I just want a family vacation with all of us!” The rest of the family also stressed the importance of having the opportunity to enjoy each other as a unit, away from the physical, mental, and emotional drain that comes with the treatment of a terminal illness. An avid movie buff, Elaine brainstormed “cool” Journey options that would include movies and family time (her two favorite hobbies!). After much deliberation, she thought, “what about Universal Studios?!!” And off Motivating Miles went, flying into high gear, creating the perfect family vacation (Journey) for Elaine and her family, to Universal Studios!

Below, read social worker, Sigrid’s “journey” request letter to MM, on behalf of Elaine:


Dear Motivating Miles Foundation,

I am so appreciative of what your organization is doing to help fill this gap in health care/hospice. It truly is an amazing gift to individuals and family facing a terminal illness. What that in mind, this letter is to introduce you to someone we are helping, and hoping your organization may also be able to help.

Elaine is a 21 year old woman, who was diagnosed at age 17 with Ewing Sarcoma. She has received her care through Dana Farber (Boston, MA). She has gone through all available treatments at this point. We admitted her to our Hospice program in March (2012).

Elaine resides with her family in Rochester, NH. She has an older sister, younger brother, and mother, Karen, and father, Les. Elaine has expressed to me her desire to have a “family vacation with all of us.” She would like to go to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. At this time she is mobile, and would be able to trave. I have discussed Motivating Miles with Elaine and her father, Les, provided them with some information, and they are very interested! Please let me know if you need additional information.

Thank you for your consideration, and again for all you do!

Kind Regards, Sigrid.

More info (and pictures) from Elaine & family’s Journey to Universal Studios coming soon!

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One month til Epic Man!

 Caleb out for a late night 10 mile run, in honor of one month til Epic Man!

MM Co-Founder, Caleb Ginsberg, and long-time supporter, Forrest Butler at tackling The Epic Man in just one month!! Caleb and Forrest will be raising money and awareness for Motivating Miles in their pursuit of this momentous physical and mental challenge.

Stay tuned at The Epic Man’s Facebook Page and blog!


MM Journey Recipient, Babe, Passes Away


It is with heavy hearts that we announce that our most recent “Journey” recipient, Babe, from Milton, NH, passed away yesterday, at age 75. Babe passed peacefully at home, surrounded by the love and adoration of his soulmate and wife of 45 years, Nancy.

We offer our deepest condolences to Nancy, her family, and all those whose lives were touched by Babe. You are in our thoughts and prayers moving forward.

Click here to learn more about Babe’s recent MM Journey.


MM Journey Update: Luke and Family off to Disney World!

MM’s latest Journey is underway! 19 year old, Luke, and his family, are on the ground in Orlando, FL, enjoying the magic that is DISNEY WORLD! Hailing from Peterborough, NH, and suffering from Aplastic Anemia, Disney World has held a special place in Luke’s heart for quite some time, yet he had yet to go. That all changed yesterday, when Luke’s Southwest flight (many thanks to Southwest Airlines for their generosity in donating Luke’s flight) touched down in sunny Orlando. Stay tuned for pictures and stories from the trip!

Read more about Luke’s story here!



Epic Man & MM Logo

On April 15th & 16th, 2012, Motivating Miles will be represented by Forrest Butler and MM Co-Founder, Caleb Ginsberg, among an elite crew of courageous and spirited maniacs, as they take on a hard-to-imagine athletic adventure … EPIC MAN!

Created in 2009 by friend of MM, Seth Bradbury, and his good friend, Will Thomas, Epic Man has taken on a personality of its own since its inception. The inaugural event had just two participants: Seth and Will. In a mere three years, Epic Man has grown by leaps and bounds; this year’s crew is 20 strong!

Now, on to the real question: what the heck is Epic Man?!

Try this on for size … kayak (2.5 miles), bike (157 miles overnight), and run (26.2 miles) … from an island in Maine to mainland Portland, ME to Portsmouth, NH to Hopinkton, MA to the finish line of the Boston Marathon, in 24 hours…on no sleep. 

Chicago Marathon 2012 038

Forrest engaged in a pre-race ritual, before Chicago Marathon, 2011

Wow! We’re exhausted just thinking about it.

Well, hats off to Forrest and Caleb for their attempt at this Epic adventure … and for their Epic support of Motivating Miles! For these two gentlemen, being Epic means more than gutting it out for 2.5, 157, and 26.2 miles, and basking in the after-glow of personal accomplishment. Being Epic means representing a cause you believe in! It means putting one foot in front of the other, again and again, in honor of someone who no longer can. It means wearing Motivating Miles’ colors proudly, and inspiring others to “Continue their journeys with great spirit and joy!”


caleb nyc 2

Caleb ran NYC '08 in honor of MM inspiration, Matt Johnson

Here at Motivating Miles’ headquarters, we wish Forrest & Caleb all the best, as they continue their EPIC journeys with great spirit and joy for many motivating miles!

Follow Forrest & Caleb (and Team Epic Man in its entirety) between now and April 16th, via the Epic Man & Motivating Miles Facebook pages.

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MM Honors Inspiration, Matt Johnson

Matt with his beautiful daughter, Emma!

Matt with his beautiful daughter, Emma!

MM inspiration, and author of our motto, Matt Johnson, passed away three years ago today. In honor of Matt, MM urges all its families, event participants, and supporters, to live life to the fullest! Matt left us with countless memories and laughs, and we think of him often. MM’s mission is directly tied to, and inspired by, the way Matt lived his life.

Matt poignantly left MM with these words of wisdom, which later became our official motto:

“Continue your  journey with great spirit and joy!” – Matt Johnson


Previous MM Journey Recipient Finds New Heart for Valentine’s Day


Kristine and Apple Tech, Matt, with the iPad 2 MM provided for her last August.

Kristine and Apple Tech, Matt, with the iPad 2 MM provided for her last August.


Brigham & Womens Hospital, BWH Bulletin (2.17.12) - 

The story is a heartwarming one – literally.

When Kristine Cummings, 32, was younger, she was diagnosed and survived Hodgkin’s lymphoma, an aggressive cancer. The treatment severely damaged her heart, and she had been on the waiting list for a transplant since December 2008. Last fall her condition deteriorated to the point where she was admitted to Brigham and Women’s as an inpatient to be monitored and cared for until a heart became available.

Cummings, who is a registered nurse and a huge Red Sox fan, lived on Shapiro 7 from the middle of September until just a few weeks ago, and her entire room was decorated with all things Red Sox.  It was her love of the local team that prompted Michael Givertz, MD, medical director of the Heart Transplant and Circulatory Assist Program, to arrange a visit from Red Sox announcer Jerry Remy and Wally the Green Monster, the team’s mascot. 

While the visit was certainly a highlight, one recent event is very special. It was here at BWH in December, when her boyfriend and high school sweetheart, Shawn Everly, popped the question. Cummings said yes, and she began planning her wedding while still waiting for a heart.  Then, a few weeks ago, Cummings got the call she had been waiting for. A heart was available. She underwent a successful heart transplant and has recently returned home to recover and continue the wedding planning.

Read the rest of the story here!

Check out Kristine’s MM Journey here!


Protect your lips this winter …


… with Motivating Miles’ “Eco Lips!”

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MM’s Latest Journey Recipient, Babe, Headed to Missouri!


MM is thrilled to introduce, Babe, and his wife, Nancy, from Milton, NH … our latest Journey recipients! Babe’s Patient Care Representative, Debbie, from Farmington Family Care in Farmington, NH, contacted us last week and told us Babe’s story. Within a matter of seconds, we were hooked! Babe’s story, and his present circumstances, directly align with MM’s mission. For us, it was a no-brainer … we had to provide a Journey for Babe and his lovely wife, Nancy. Babe’s only hope … one last trip to his hometown of Bucklin, Missouri, to visit his parents’ gravesite, and visit with family he has not seen in many years.

More info (and pictures) from Babe’s Journey are coming soon!

In the meantime, read Debbie’s letter to MM, introducing Babe, and requesting a Journey:


Dear Caleb,

        I am writing to you on behalf of one of our patients, Babe W.  We had been working with another organization for the past few months and sadly heard back that they would not be able to assist this family due to funding restrictions.   We truly hope that your organization may be able to make Babe’s wish became a reality.

        Babe has endured many hardships throughout his life which he has been able to overcome with the support of his loving wife.  His strength has been his  bubbly, optimistic and positive attitude.  Babe has overcome many health hurdles.  He suffered from Renal Cancer which resulted in a partial nephrectomy.  Due to his Cardiac issues, Babe had double bypass surgery.  He has had multiple surgeries to correct and treat his back which included placement of rods/plates.  Understandably, Babe has endured a great deal of pain.  Despite his personal battle with these health issues Babe’s attention and concern is always for his family and his need to protect them from worry and stress.  

        Babe had served in the US Army and has maintained a productive life until recently.  He is now forced to battle terminal Lung Cancer which has metastisized to his brain.  He is presently undergoing chemotherapy/radiation.  He certainly is struggling physically and mentally in preparation of his pending prognosis.  He has lost two siblings to cancer and is the only survivor.  His greatest loss was that of his daughter in 2003.

        Babe’s wish has been a desire to travel to Missouri to visit his parents graveside one last time.  His only other wish, which can’t be granted through any organization, is to have more time to spend with his wife of 45 years.  He truly wants to see his 50th Wedding Anniversary.  It is our hope at Family Care of Farmington that Motivating Miles can assist Babe in meeting his travel wish.  Due to ongoing health issues, Babe has endured financial hardship and cannot afford the cost to travel to Missouri despite the importance of this desire.  On behalf of this patient, we are hoping that you will consider granting Babe this final wish.

Thank you for your consideration in advance.