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Reach the Beach for Motivating Miles!



MM's 2011 RTB Team Jumps for Joy!

MM’s 2011 RTB Team Jumps for Joy!


What: 2013 Reach the Beach Relay (visit RTB’s homepage –

 Where Start – Cannon Mountain (Franconia, NH) / Finish – Hampton Beach (Hampton, NH)

 WhenSeptember 13 & 14, 2012 

 Who: YOU!

Registration Deadline:  n/a

Fundraising: Each member of the team of 12 will be responsible for raising awareness for the Motivating Miles Foundation!! If you feel so inclined, Motivating Miles welcomes fundraising efforts as well (at your discretion). Runners are responsible for their own entry fee (approximately $200). Email

Additional Info: 2013marks Motivating Miles’ third year as a charitable partner of the New Balance Reach the Beach Relay! This truly one-of-a-kind event gives 12 enthusiastic runners the chance to be a part of an amazing, 24 hour team adventure, while helping raise awareness and support for upcoming MM Journeys! 

Come participate in the longest distance running relay race in the United States while supporting Motivating Miles!  The relay takes place at the beginning of the New England foliage season, and kicks off at picturesque Cannon Mountain in Franconia, NH.  The race covers 200 miles within 24 hours, ending on the coast at Hampton Beach in Hampton, NH.  Be a part of a 12-person relay team, make a difference, and enjoy every second!


 MM - Cannon Mtn Scenic

* Click here for the official Reach the Beach website



 Check out pictures from the 2011 Reach The Beach Relay!

Runners: To SIGN UP, follow these simple steps: 

  • 1) Fill out the form below
  • 2) Hit “Submit” and you’ll be prompted to set up your Personal Fundraising Page for Motivating Miles
  • 3) Regularly check your email for updates, info, and instructions regarding the race!
  • 4) Direct your friends and family to your fundraising page, and ask for their support!
  • 5) Train hard betwen now and September 14th, and get ready to ‘Reach the Beach’ in 200 miles & 24 hours!! 


Sponsors: To support a Motivating Miles runner, follow this link, and type his/her name in the appropriate box!             


Runners’ Registration Form:


*By submitting the form below, you are hereby obligated to meet the minimum fundraising requirement, by the fundraising deadline assigned by Motivating Miles Foundation, Inc. Should you fail to meet said fundraising minimum within the time set forth, you hereby grant Motivating Miles Foundation, Inc. permission to charge your credit card on file the balance remaining to satisfy the minimum fundraising requirement. The fundraising deadline for the 2013 Reach the Beach Relay is: TBA  


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