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Mark Melancon

Right Handed Pitcher, Houston Astros

Not only is Mark a mainstay in the Houston Astros bullpen – and a superstar-in-the-making - he is also an outstanding advocate and ambassador for our foundation, contributing regularly as a member on Motivating Miles’ Board of Directors, by way of donations, ideas, baseball memorabilia and equipment deliveries, etc. Oh, he also happens to be a 2009 World Series Champion!









Spencer Paxson

Professional Mountain Biker

Spencer’s recent success on the Mountain Bike has propelled him to the forefront of the US mountain bike scene, as well as garnering him attention internationally. With a shot at the London Olympics in 2012, it’s full-speed ahead for Spencer in 2010 & 2011, as he’ll be training hard and competing both domestically and abroad. Oh, when he’s not hammering his bike up and down mountains, he works as a GIS Analyst at Ridgeline Energy, measuring wind sites for potential energy!  Residing in Seattle, WA, Spencer continues to be a tremendous ”Left Coast” ambassador for Motivating Miles!

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Jandee Lee Porter

Singer, Songwriter

For those of you who have not heard Jandee Lee Porter’s music … you are missing out! Jandee is an incredibly gifted singer/songwriter from Charlestown, New Hampshire. She is perhaps best known for her ability to combine simple melodies, country roots, folk, blues, and a little bit of rock, to create a pure sound that is uniquely her own. Jandee has been kind enough to donate her time [and amazing music] to Motivating Miles, performing live at our events! For more information on Jandee, and to hear her music, follow the link!  

 Jandee Lee Porter











The Sea Captains

Rock/Pop Band – Portsmouth, NH

To quote their own website,  “The Sea Captains are the Frankenstein’s monster of the rock and roll world.  Born of a thousand different pieces from a thousand different places they are simultaneously a revived college band, a Christmas band, and something entirely new–with a dash of rambling from someone who may have watched too much Fraggle Rock as a child.  The Sea Captains are a rock band.  They are a pop band.  By day they are a quintet of perfect gentlemen who you would love to host your family function.  By night, they positively drip with playful sexuality and can hardly keep the fans from rushing the stage.  They are The Wiggles meets Aerosmith.  They are garage rock and acoustic dinner ambiance. They are fun incarnate!” 

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