Why is Our Mission Important?

“Hello Motivating Miles, I got my [PROSE] lenses today and I don’t have words to say to you how much I appreciate your help … I’m so happy … I’m feeling so good now … I have my normal life back. I hope same day meet you and give you a big hug !!!”

- Debora Babeto: MM Journey recipient (MM provided Debora with specially designed PROSE lenses to combat the effects of GVHD, a rare disease Debora acquired from treatment of Leukemia which left her blind and in tremendous pain). 


“We’ve been back from our fantastic family vacation for a week already, and the glow continues for all of us. We had such a wonderful experience. Elaine was able to really enjoy the Harry Potter experience, the staff at the resort and at Universal took excellent care of us. Thank you is not enough to express our gratitude for this priceless family time.”

- Karen: mother of MM Journey recipient, 21 year old Elaine (Rochester, NH)


“I just cant thank you enough for making my dads(Babe) wish a reality!! The trip you sent he and my mom on meant so much to him, you guys came through when other could not. They had a great time,and he did so well on the trip.

Thank you so much for every little detail MM took care of. I guess dad even made the newspaper in Bucklin(Lynn county leader).

It was great to meet you at my parents house and to see my Dad so happy and looking forward to his journey.

Again , thank you so much for everything!!!!”

-Neva: daughter of MM Journey recipient, ”Babe” (Milton, NH) 


“THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH.  The trip was amazing. Travel day ( 11 hours, arriving in a snow storm with very slippery roads in very rural Missouri was an adventure in itself) was  exhausting, but once safely  with family Babe rallied and was able to enjoy every minute. Your foundation is the greatest– you go above and beyond all expectations. Babe’s wish was granted in style with much respect and grace. The time spent with family was so very special and our anniversary dinner and flowers are a memory I will cherish forever,  We arrived home at about 10:30 last eve, another 11 hour travel day- exhausted again but content and thankful.”

“Fedex just brought the album– Wow– Memories I will treasure forever. as will our kids. Babe is napping- can’t wait to share them with him. I think I will have to wake him now!!!  The pictures brought tears and laughter. Our 2 kids will be here this evening and will share with them too. It is just beautiful.  Will be sharing it next week with all the staff at his doctors as well as with his oncologist.I cannot thank you enough.  I will keep in touch. God Bless you all- not a day goes by that Babe doesn’t talk about  his journey home [to Missouri]. Love and Blessings  to you all.”

-Nancy: wife of MM Journey recipient, “Babe” (Milton, NH)


“Just a little note to say we are so very thankful for the joy you brought to our lives yesterday. So many sweet and unexpected touches, from the T-shirts, the bracelets, and the food that was scrumptious. Thank you for making our hearts sing out loud as we watched on the big screen the shuttle launch up to the clouds.

May God bless you and Motivating Miles for the work that you do.  May you always get back all  the happiness and smiles for the dreams you make come true.

Please let me know if there is anything we can do to help assist with your mission to help others.  We feel very blessed and pray that this gift to us may somehow touch and inspire others who face challenges like ours.”

-Elaine: wife of MM Journey recipient, “Tony” (New Hampshire)


“Hi Motivating Miles, I just want you to know that all is going well and the boys are happier and much better taken care of [because of the home renovations provided by MM enabling the boys to move back home and be with family]. 

 I am much happier too because now I see and know what’s going on with them everyday.  Once again, we are so grateful for the help Motivating Miles has provided to us, and if you did not step in it would have been a much harder struggle to work with what we had.  I know if my sons could thank you they would. It is great to know they are being taken care of much better and we can all smile now. Again I cannot express my gratitude enough for everything Motivating Miles has done for us we will want to be able to help you all in anyway that we possibly can so don’t hesitate to ask.”

(2 months later)

“I apologize for taking so long in writing this letter and I hope you know that Motivating Miles is a blessing in the true sense of the word. A few months have passed since [Motivating Miles make it possible] for John & Chris to come home, and they are both doing well. They are much happier and we are at peace just knowing that.”

-Raima: mother of MM Journey recipients, Chris & Johnny (Saco, ME)


“I read the article in the newspaper about your organization and then went online to learn more.

I lost my husband to brain cancer after a 9 month long battle.  He wanted to be at home, and with the help of many friends and finally home health aides I was able to keep him home until the day before he died, when he went to hospice house.  I can relate to your organization because being the primary caregiver to my husband, I have lost sight of the healthy, happy days before his illness and am left with memories of his struggle.

I am interested in any volunteer work that I might be able to do for your organization. Thank you and good luck with your endeavor.”

-Sandra (Brentwood, NH)


“I lost my mother to cancer in June of this year. It was her second bout with it. She was only 57 years old. She had only been diagnosed with it the second time 6 months prior to her passing.

As much as my whole family suffered through this with her, she continued to be an example of strength and positivity. She never once complained or asked “why me?” She always had a smile when I saw her and it was so important to my mom that the time that we had left with her was positive and not all tears. Her strength helped us, including my father, who we were more worried about at times than we were about my mother.

With that said, I want to let you know I appreciate your efforts and the time and investment you have taken for this cause.”

-Patrick (Jaffrey, NH)


“I am sorry it has taken so long for me to reply. Chuckie passed away last Saturday evening, but was able to see the wonderful Red Sox items Motivating Miles sent to him. He was grateful – and the boys & I can not thank you enough.

We know that everything that happened because of my letter, including the response from Motivating Miles, made Chuckie’s last week alot more special. You and Motivating Miles played a part in that and we are forever thankful to you. Thank you!”

-Christine (Bridgewater, MA)


“Please accept this donation in memory of Francis “Gary” W. He passed away last week from colon cancer and did not have time to “Journey.” He raced Porsche, coached lacrosse and soccer, and was an amazing dad to eight wonderful kids. He would have loved your organization!”

-Kate  (Hollis, NH)