How Does it Work?





To be considered for a Motivating Miles’ Journey …

1) Applicants contacting Motivating Miles must be individuals currently diagnosed with a life-threatening medical condition … OR … family, friends, social workers, or physicians advocating on behalf of their loved one, client, or patient.

2) Applicants must submit a letter from a physician who is currently treating the patient. The letter must include information regarding the patient’s (a) relevant diagnosis, (c) current prognosis, (c) current treatment plan, and (d) physical restrictions/limitations, if any. The letter must also include the physician’s contact information. Letters should be mailed to to Motivating Miles Foundation, Inc., 6 Foundry Street,  Amherst, New Hampshire 03031, or emailed to:

3) Motivating Miles’ Journey Review Committee (“JRC”) will carefully evaluate each application to determine whether Motivating Miles is able to provide a Journey. All applicants will be contacted, regardless of the Committee’s decision, no more than Five (5) days after receipt of the letter from the patient’s physician.


What’s Next? 

Once an applicant has been selected for a Journey …

1)  A Motivating Miles  staff member will contact you and set up a preliminary meeting with your family. When possible and appropriate, meetings may be in person.

2) During the preliminary meeting, members of our Journey Review Committee will facilitate discussion with the applicant/family/caregivers to determine timelines, physical ability, tangible and intangible needs and desires, to begin the creation of a personalized journey.

Some things to think about in preparation for the creation of your MM Journey:

*What have been your greatest challenges as an individual and  as a family since the diagnosis? (physical, mental, emotional, etc.)

*Which components of your daily life and your personal relationships have been affected by the diagnosis? How? (this question is for each family member, not just the patient)

*Is there an important task that you (individually and/or as a family) have not completed, a talent you have not used, or a place you have the need to venture? 

*What would your ideal Journey look like?

3) Our JRC will take all the information gathered from this meeting and make recommendations to you for an individualized Journey (but remember, this is YOUR Journey … you get to choose what you would like to do!). A timeline for your Journey is decided and the planning begins. We will be in touch along the way; the lines of communication will remain open 24/7!

4) It’s time to Journey!!  Motivating Miles staff members will be accessible during the entire journey to ensure that this is a very special experience. MM staff will be as much, or as little, a part of the experience as your family would like them to be. We are here to ensure that your family’s  experience is everything you want it to be.

5) After your Journey, Motivating Miles staff members will remain in contact with your family, providing you with a sustainable (and unlimited) alternative resource, as well as trusted advocates, and a group of lifelong friends.

6) Families with whom we have previously worked will frequently have the opportunity to participate in Motivating Miles’ activities. If they are comfortable doing so, we welcome and encourage our previous families to make themselves available as a resource for other families dealing with similar situations. Moving forward, we welcome our previous families to volunteer or participate in any of our events; we will make special arrangements for your family if necessary. We want to remain as much a part of your lives as you would like us to be!