On April 15th & 16th, 2012, Motivating Miles was represented by Forrest Butler and MM Co-Founder, Caleb Ginsberg, among an elite crew of courageous and spirited maniacs, as they took on a hard-to-imagine athletic adventure … EPIC MAN!

Created in 2009 by friend of MM, Seth Bradbury, and his good friend, Will Thomas, Epic Man has taken on a personality of its own since its inception. The inaugural event had just two participants: Seth and Will. In a mere three years, Epic Man has grown by leaps and bounds; 2012′s crew was 20 strong!

Now, on to the real question: what the heck is Epic Man?!

Try this on for size … kayak (2.5 miles), bike (157 miles overnight), and run (26.2 miles) … from an island in Maine to mainland Portland, ME to Portsmouth, NH to Hopinkton, MA to the finish line of the Boston Marathon, in 24 hours…on no sleep.

Wow! We’re exhausted just thinking about it.

Well, hats off to Forrest and Caleb for taking on this Epic adventure … and for their Epic support of Motivating Miles! For these two gentlemen, being Epic means more than gutting it out for 2.5, 157, and 26.2 miles, and basking in the after-glow of personal accomplishment. Being Epic means representing a cause you believe in! It means putting one foot in front of the other, again and again, in honor of someone who no longer can. It means wearing Motivating Miles’ colors proudly, and inspiring others to “Continue their journeys with great spirit and joy!”

Here at Motivating Miles headquarters, we followed Forrest & Caleb every step of the way, as they continued their EPIC journeys with great spirit and joy for [way too] many motivating miles!

Follow all-things-EPIC via the Epic Man & Motivating Miles Facebook pages.

Make a donation to support Caleb & Forrest’s Epic efforts here: CALEB’S PAGE  FORREST’S PAGE

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