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Debora is a lovely 26 year-old who was diagnosed with AML(Acute Myeloid Leukemia) in July 2011. She received chemotherapy and unfortunately relapsed in the fall of 2012, sadly around the time that she was 20 weeks pregnant with her first child. Deb delivered her baby prematurely in January 2013 in order to receive the toxic chemo regimen and ultimately undergo allogenic BMT (Bone Marrow Transplant) in February 2013. She is fortunately in remission now, but she has developed Graft-vs.-Host-Disease (GVHD) in her eyes, as a result of her treatment. The GVHD is causing her extreme dryness, irritation and pain in her eyes, which makes it difficult for her to see, be exposed to sunlight and generally go about her life (raising a new baby) as she otherwise would.

She is using special eyes drops and has been seen at Mass Eye and Ear for special care. She briefly used PROSE lenses on a trial through Boston Foundation for Sight, which has been the only treatment that works for her. However, the cost to obtain the PROSE lenses for the long-term is an obstacle Deb and her family cannot overcome. Deb lives in Hyannis, MA with her husband, Ricardo, and their 15-month-old daughter, Sophia.  Ricardo is working only one (seasonal) job in order to be available at home to help Deb with the baby. Deb has been unable to work since her diagnosis and has not been able to return due to her eye issues. Through her team at Dana-Farber / Brigham & Women’s Cancer Center, Deb reached out to Motivating Miles and asked for help securing the lenses. Deb’s team expressed that the lenses will make a major difference in her recovery and will allow her to be able to return to work and resume a normal life with her husband and baby.

In May 2014, in collaboration with the Joe Andruzzi Foundation, Motivating Miles agreed to fund the purchase of long-term PROSE lenses for Deb!

Deb was not expected to survive her relapse last year, but she miraculously has done so and is hopeful that with PROSE lenses, she will be able to truly enjoy her future with Ricardo and Sophia. MM is thrilled to help this wonderful family.


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