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In the meantime ... Please read the letter below, with updates regarding our status as a charitable organization. We've also included the Motivating Miles Story:

Dear Friends of Motivating Miles Foundation, 

      I hope this letter finds you and your family healthy and happy; looking forward to grand plans over the next few summer months! Motivating Miles would like to provide you with some valuable information, as well as a brief update as to our status. 
      As an organization, Motivating Miles has been hard at work over the past few months, working to establish our charitable initiative. We are drawing near the completion of our 501(c)3 tax-exempt application process, through which the IRS grants our donors a tax deduction for their gift. We have worked to establish ambitious yet reachable goals and a first year timeline to follow, outlining key fundraising initiatives and formal partnership opportunities with corporate sponsors. We have continued to establish relationships with wonderful individual partners, such as yourself; understanding full well that our work is not possible without your support. But encompassing all of the work that has been done, and all that lay ahead, is an underlying effort to advance our formal mission statement: 

  “Motivating Miles Foundation, Inc. will assist individuals and families facing a life-threatening illness, in achieving acceptance, inner-solace, and ensured legacy; through individualized journeys facilitating the fulfillment of lifelong desires.”

     Charged with this mission, we are compelled to extend our reach to all families in need. It has been our personal experience that a life-threatening illness affects not only the patient, but each member of that person’s family and circle of friends. Physically, mentally, and emotionally; all those close to an individual with a life-threatening illness are a part of that story. Their challenges - as well as that of the patient - are very real. As an organization, we will work tirelessly to ensure that the frustrations, exhaustion, sadness, and concerns of each family are addressed by a comprehensive plan created by the family themselves. 
      Despite the devastating reality of their respective situations, the families we work with each have unique goals and wishes; Motivating Miles’ aim is to help each family realize those objectives. 

                   “Continue your journey with great spirit and joy!”  - MJ ‘08


Caleb & Sarah

Caleb Elliott Ginsberg                                                Sarah Elliott Ramsay
Co-Founder & President                                             Co-Founder & Vice President
Motivating Miles Foundation, Inc.                                Motivating Miles Foundation, Inc.
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Our Story:  

A little over a year ago, three relatively young members of our family were diagnosed with various forms of terminal cancer; all three diagnoses made within the same week. Our three family members, now facing a life-threatening illness, had all been steadfast pillars of strength in my life, and the thought of their lives abruptly coming to an end was overwhelming. We were initially overwhelmed with shock, sadness, and despair, but after coming to terms with the frightening reality of our road ahead, I began to explore ways in which we might contribute positively to the situation.

I carefully observed my three family members and their respective struggles, as well as those of our family. While I could not offer supplemental physical care, I could help bridge the gap between the devastating reality of their respective situations and a level of acceptance and inner solace. Conventional cancer treatments are incredibly time consuming, as well as physically and emotionally draining for the patients, and their families. The mental and emotional well-being of the patient and family is pushed aside, and often deemed a peripheral focus at best, when compared to traditional physical medical care. With that in mind, my mother and I founded Motivating Miles Foundation, Inc. 

During our inaugural fundraising initiative, we teamed up with The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, in Boston, MA, and ran in the 2008 New York City Marathon - raising over $20,000 for Pediatric Oncology at Dana-Farber! We will be joining forces with Dana-Farber yet again, as this October, we'll be running in the Bank of America Chicago Marathon! Our work with Dana-Farber has been wonderful, and has helped keep us busy while we wait to obtain our 501(c)3 "tax-exemption" status from the IRS.

As a pending 501(c)3 charitable organization, our mission is to “assist individuals and families facing a life-threatening illness to achieve acceptance, inner solace, and ensured legacy; through individualized journeys facilitating the fulfillment of lifelong desires.” Our quest for patient and family advocacy, through execution of customized family “journeys,” will shed light on the value of caring for the mental and emotional well-being, as well as the physical treatment, in the care of a terminal illness. Whether families choose to trek through the Rocky Mountains, while highlighting specific strengths of individual family members, or compose a musical score to be performed by a local symphony; bringing about resolution to a lifelong dream, our journeys will aide in the important process of acceptance. 

There is no question we have a long road ahead of us. But we are determined to reach out to families in need, and serve as a pillar of strength within their respective communities. Motivating Miles’ inspiration, Matt Johnson, may have said it best when he coined our organization’s motto: “Continue your journey with great spirit and joy.” Our aim is to ensure that our families get the opportunity to do just that. We are convinced that despite the long journey that lay ahead, together our footprints will last for many motivating miles.  

We thank you for your generous consideration; with your contribution and support we will make a difference.

       “Continue your journey with great spirit and joy!”  - Matthew P. Johnson ‘08